Download CH Mobile Manual v2.9

Command Health empowers doctors, hospitals, and surgery centers to provide better outcomes.

While spending three decades building our ability to proactively analyze and act on medical documentation, we became one of the top 5 providers of narrative documentation in the nation, all while remaining the only vendor in the top 5 still 100% committed to a 100% domestic workforce.

Complete Daily Schedule

Real-time display and updates. Confidential messages and memos. Customized notations and advisories. Reconciliation at a glance.

Patient Notes & History

Easy and immediate access. Your view or your patient's across multiple environments and systems.

Your Work World—Simple & Easy

Your data, your patients, your documentation process all from one simple interface.

Custom Push Notifications

You decide what information you want to know and how and when to be notified from Patient Arrivals to customized Clinical Alerts.

Secure Messages & Memos

No more missing documentation. No being asked questions or being second guessed days after the encounter.

White—Your Patient List

Jump easily from one or more scheduled environment to inpatient census to categories of visits.


Patient arrivals are time stamped so you know how long your patient has waited.

Green—100% Confirmed Receipt

Real-time confirmations for every step of your documentation. You know it's done, and done right.

Real-Time View of Open Tasks

Never a lost dictation. CDI queries at your convenience. Memos from colleagues tied to your narrative or theirs.


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